Katherine Collins


My poems have appeared in bath magg, The RialtoFinished CreaturesShearsman MagazineVolume PoetryInk Sweat & Tears, and Anthropocene Poetry. In 2022, with composer Christopher Cook, I won the Rosamond Prize.

My work has appeared in the anthology Angled by the Flood: Poems about the Sea, edited by Elsa Hammond; and featured in Osmosis Press‘s ‘new writing’ series.

I teach life-writing and qualitative research methods at Oxford University, I am an Honorary Fellow of the Department of Education and of the Oxford Centre for Life-Writing.

A poetic experiment in reading with reciprocity

I’ve been thinking about academic extractivism recently, and encountered the work of Dr Max Liboiron via their collaborative project #Collabrary: a methodological experiment for reading with reciprocity. The reflections they shared in this post are drawn from their chapter ‘Exchanging’ in the book Transmissions: Critical Tactics for Making and Communicating Research. Edited by Kat Jungnickel. MIT Press: 89-108. I found the language and ideas of Liboiron’s chapter so evocative that I decided to respond – as a response is what the writing calls for – via a found poem. And now, it might be true to say that the ‘original meaning…

Woven into the Fabric of the Text: Subversive Material Metaphors in Academic Writing

Often there is no space in my favourite café with its walls of textured teal, thronged with faces that may have meant something once to people who’ve long since donated the quirky paintings and photos to a charity shop. Anyone can find their place among them, bending or stretching to frame a new face in one of the pitted art deco mirrors.

They multiply their wings

RNCM Rosamond Prize 2022 winner: the collaboration between poet Katherine Collins and composer Christopher Cook. It was performed in 2022 at the RNCM by Georgie Malcolm (soprano), Elena Orsi (Violin), Jeanette Hiu Ying Szeto (Viola), Kara Taylor (Cello) and Jo Dawson (Cello).